Moist Skin Body Moisturizer with Coconut Oil – In-Shower Lotion for Deep Hydration and Luminous Skin, 10 Ounce



Nourish your skin when it’s most receptive to moisture, leaving it feeling renewed, hydrated, and exuding a luminous glow. Perfect for those seeking a hassle-free yet effective way to maintain luxuriously soft skin.

Experience the magic of long-lasting refreshment and luminous skin with Jergens Moist Skin Body Moisturizer. This in-shower lotion, enriched with coconut oil, works wonders on dry skin, providing deep hydration without the sticky feeling.

The fast-absorbing formula ensures that your skin drinks in the moisture when it needs it the most, leaving you with soft, supple, and radiant skin. Make your daily shower a spa-like experience with this dermatologist-tested indulgence.

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In-Shower Luxury: 🚿 This in-shower lotion transforms your daily cleanse into a hydrating and nourishing spa-like experience.

Deep Hydration: 💦 Nourish your skin when it craves it the most. The coconut oil-infused formula deeply hydrates, leaving your skin luxuriously soft and refreshed.

Fast-Absorbing Wonder: ⚡ Say goodbye to sticky lotions. Jergens Moist Skin Body Moisturizer is fast-absorbing, ensuring your skin drinks in the moisture without any residue.

Dermatologist-Tested Assurance: 👩‍⚕️ Trust your skin to the experts. This in-shower lotion is dermatologist-tested, ensuring it’s gentle, effective, and safe for your skin.

Non-Sticky Comfort: 🙅‍♀️ No more waiting for lotions to dry. Enjoy the non-sticky comfort of Jergens Moist Skin Body Moisturizer as it effortlessly becomes a part of your skincare routine.

Renewed and Luminous Skin: ✨ Experience the magic of luminous skin. This in-shower lotion leaves your skin feeling renewed and exuding a natural, healthy glow.

Perfect for Dry Skin: 🌵 Say goodbye to dryness. Specifically formulated for dry skin, this moisturizer provides long-lasting relief and hydration.

Effortless Daily Hydration: 🌼 Make moisturizing a breeze. With Jergens Moist Skin Body Moisturizer, achieve effortlessly soft and hydrated skin with just a few moments in the shower.

Q: How does Jergens Moist Skin Body Moisturizer work in the shower? A: This in-shower lotion is designed to be applied while your skin is still wet, maximizing its ability to absorb moisture and leaving your skin soft and hydrated.

Q: Can I use this in-shower lotion on sensitive skin? A: Yes, indeed. Jergens Moist Skin Body Moisturizer is dermatologist-tested, ensuring its suitability for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Q: Is the coconut oil fragrance overpowering? A: The coconut oil fragrance is subtle and refreshing, providing a pleasant in-shower experience without being overpowering.

Feature Specification
Size 10 Ounce
Formula Coconut Oil-Infused
Application In-Shower Lotion
Absorption Fast-Absorbing
Residue Non-Sticky
Dermatologist-Tested Yes
Skin Type Compatibility All, Including Sensitive Skin


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