Vichy Nutrilogie 2 Intense Moisturizer – 24-Hour Comfort for Very Dry Skin


Indulge your very dry skin with Vichy Nutrilogie 2 Intense Moisturizer, offering 24-hour comfort and hydration. This ultra-creamy, non-greasy formula is perfect for those seeking intense nourishment without the heaviness.

Use it daily to experience a new generation of ultra-penetrating textures that leave your skin soothed, comfortable, and beautifully moisturized.

🌊✨ Vichy Nutrilogie 2 is not just another moisturizer; it’s a revolutionary daily care solution designed specifically for very dry skin. With a non-greasy feel, this ultra-intensive cream offers 24-hour comfort, ensuring your skin stays soothed and hydrated throughout the day.

The unique ultra-creamy, melting texture is a delight, providing rapid absorption for instant relief and nourishment.

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Intense Moisture for Very Dry Skin: πŸŒŸπŸ”’ Vichy Nutrilogie 2 Intense Moisturizer is the ultimate solution for very dry skin. Specially formulated to provide intense moisture, this cream ensures your skin stays hydrated and comfortable all day long.

24-Hour Comfort Guarantee: πŸ•’πŸŒˆ Experience unparalleled comfort that lasts. With a promise of 24-hour hydration, Nutrilogie 2 is your go-to moisturizer for a continuous, soothing sensation that withstands the demands of your busy day.

Non-Greasy Luxury: πŸš«πŸ›’οΈ Say goodbye to greasy moisturizers. Vichy Nutrilogie 2 brings you the luxury of intense hydration without the heaviness. Its non-greasy formula ensures a light, comfortable feel on your skin.

Daily Nourishment Ritual: πŸŒžπŸ›€ Make Vichy Nutrilogie 2 a part of your daily skincare ritual. The ultra-creamy, melting texture is a treat for your skin, quickly absorbing to provide the nourishment and relief your very dry skin craves.

Ultra-Penetrating Texture Innovation: πŸš€πŸ’§ Dive into the innovation of ultra-penetrating textures with Nutrilogie 2. This groundbreaking formula ensures that the moisturizing goodness goes deep within your skin, leaving it revitalized and refreshed.

Soothing Sensation: 😌🌿 Experience a soothing sensation with every application. Nutrilogie 2 not only moisturizes but also leaves your skin feeling soothed and comfortable, making it ideal for those with very dry and sensitive skin.

Quick Absorption, Lasting Effects: βš‘πŸ‘Œ The ultra-creamy, melting texture of Nutrilogie 2 ensures quick absorption. Feel the instant relief as the moisturizer gets to work, leaving a lasting effect that keeps your skin soft and supple.

Tailored for Very Dry Skin: πŸŽ―πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Vichy Nutrilogie 2 is meticulously crafted for individuals with very dry skin. Its targeted formulation addresses the specific needs of dry skin, providing the right balance of moisture and care.

Q: Can I use Nutrilogie 2 every day? A: Absolutely! In fact, Nutrilogie 2 is designed for daily use. Incorporate it into your daily skincare routine for continuous 24-hour comfort.

Q: Is this moisturizer suitable for sensitive skin? A: Yes, Vichy Nutrilogie 2 is suitable for individuals with very dry and sensitive skin. Its non-greasy, soothing formula ensures a gentle and comfortable experience.

Feature Specification
Size 1.69 Fl Oz
Skin Type Very Dry
Texture Ultra-Creamy, Melting
Duration of Hydration 24 Hours
Feel Non-Greasy
Ideal For Daily Use, Sensitive Skin
Key Benefits Intense Moisture, Soothing Sensation
Formulation Type Daily Care, Ultra-Penetrating Textures


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