Dove Aluminum-Free Deodorant 3-Pack: 24-Hour Odor Protection, Coconut and Pink Jasmine



Dove’s Aluminum-Free Deodorant in Coconut and Pink Jasmine, I can confidently attest to its unparalleled performance. Offering up to 24 hours of reliable odor protection, this deodorant is a must-have for women seeking an aluminum-free solution.

What sets it apart is the 0% alcohol (ethanol) formula, making it gentle on the skin. Infused with ¼ moisturizers, it not only protects but also cares for your underarms, leaving them soft and smooth.

The delightful coconut and floral scent adds a touch of freshness, making it the perfect way to start the morning or a quick refresh throughout the day.

Experience the ultimate freshness with Dove’s Aluminum-Free Deodorant in Coconut and Pink Jasmine.

This 3-pack bulk deodorant ensures a continuous 24-hour shield against underarm odor, keeping you confidently fresh. Ideal for daily use, it’s the go-to choice for women seeking an aluminum-free and alcohol-free deodorant.

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The caring formula with ¼ moisturizers not only protects but also nurtures your underarms, promoting softer and smoother skin. Enjoy the delicate coconut and floral fragrance as it provides a rejuvenating boost after shaving.

24-Hour Odor Shield: Dove Aluminum-Free Deodorant is a game-changer, delivering an impressive 24-hour shield against underarm odor. Stay confidently fresh throughout the day with this reliable deodorant that doesn’t compromise on performance.

Aluminum-Free Solution: For women in search of an aluminum-free deodorant, Dove offers the perfect solution. This 3-pack bulk deodorant caters to those who prioritize an aluminum-free choice without compromising on effectiveness.

Gentle on Skin: The 0% alcohol (ethanol) formula makes this deodorant exceptionally gentle on the skin. Say goodbye to irritation and discomfort, and embrace a deodorant that cares for your underarms with a nurturing touch.

Moisture-Infused Care: Infused with ¼ moisturizers, Dove Aluminum-Free Deodorant goes beyond protection. It cares for your underarms, leaving them moisturized, soft, and smooth. Elevate your daily routine with a deodorant that pampers your skin.

Cruelty-Free Assurance: Dove is proud to be certified cruelty-free by PETA. Choose a deodorant that aligns with your values, providing effective protection without any harm to animals.

Delicate Coconut and Floral Scent: Indulge your senses with the delightful scent of coconut and pink jasmine. This deodorant not only protects but also leaves you with a refreshing fragrance, enhancing your overall daily experience.

Post-Shave Recovery: Experience reduced irritation after shaving with Dove Aluminum-Free Deodorant. The caring formula helps soothe the skin, ensuring that your underarms not only stay protected but also recover from the effects of shaving.

Confidence in Every Application: Dove Aluminum-Free Deodorant empowers women to embrace their natural beauty confidently. With a mission to elevate self-esteem, this deodorant ensures that beauty becomes a source of confidence, not anxiety.

Specification Details
Odor Protection Up to 24 Hours
Aluminum-Free Yes
Alcohol-Free (Ethanol) Yes (0% Alcohol Formula)
Moisturizers ¼ Moisturizers
Fragrance Coconut and Pink Jasmine
Cruelty-Free Certification PETA Certified
Package Size 3-Pack, 2.6 oz each

This cruelty-free, alcohol-free deodorant provides up to 24 hours of reliable odor protection, making it a go-to choice for those seeking an aluminum-free solution. Infused with moisturizers, it cares for your skin, leaving your underarms soft and smooth.

The delicate fragrance adds a refreshing touch, ensuring you start and finish your day with confidence. Dove’s commitment to cruelty-free beauty aligns with your values, making this deodorant a perfect addition to your self-care routine.


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