Banana Boat Kids Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 – Pack of 24, TSA Approved for On-the-Go Protection

With broad-spectrum SPF 50, it ensures my kids are shielded from harmful UVA and UVB rays during our outdoor adventures. The tear-free formula makes application a breeze, allowing us to focus on the fun without the fuss.

Whether we’re at the beach, pool, or in 100-degree heat, this sunscreen stays on, providing reliable protection recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

With 25% fewer ingredients and no oxybenzone, parabens, or added oils and fragrances, it’s a safe choice for my little ones’ sensitive skin.”

Banana Boat Kids Mineral Sunscreen Lotion is the ideal companion for any parent seeking effective and convenient sun protection for their children. Its tear-free formula ensures a hassle-free application, allowing kids to dive straight into the fun.

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This sunscreen is perfect for various outdoor activities, including beach days, poolside adventures, and even under the scorching sun. With TSA-approved, travel-sized 1-ounce bottles in a pack of 24, it’s designed for on-the-go families who want to keep their kids protected wherever the sun takes them.

Worry-Free Sun Protection: ☀️ Provide worry-free sun protection for your kids with Banana Boat Kids Mineral Sunscreen Lotion. The broad-spectrum, waterproof formula guards against harmful UVA and UVB rays, ensuring your children can enjoy a day of outdoor fun without concern.

25% Fewer Ingredients: 🌿 Choose a sunscreen with fewer ingredients but powerful protection. Banana Boat Kids Mineral Sunscreen is made without oxybenzone, parabens, and added oils and fragrances, offering a tough yet gentle solution for your little ones’ sensitive skin.

Tear-Free Application: 😢 Say goodbye to tears during sunscreen application. The gentle, tear-free formula of Banana Boat Kids Mineral Sunscreen goes on as a quick mist, making it easy and comfortable for both parents and kids.

Stays On in 7 Conditions: 🏖️ Enjoy uninterrupted sun protection in various conditions. This sunscreen stays on through sun exposure, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand, and even extreme temperatures up to 100 degrees, ensuring all-day coverage.

Recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation: 🌞 Trust the expertise of the Skin Cancer Foundation. Banana Boat Kids Mineral Sunscreen is recommended to protect against the sun’s harmful rays, making it a reliable choice for parents prioritizing their children’s skin health.

Convenient Pack of 24: 🚗 For families on the go, Banana Boat provides a convenient pack of 24 TSA-approved 1-ounce bottles. Perfect for travel, these compact-sized sunscreens make it easy to keep your kids protected wherever your adventures lead.

Safe for Sensitive Skin: 🌱 Cater to your little ones’ sensitive skin needs. This mineral sunscreen is formulated without harsh ingredients, making it a safe and effective choice for children prone to skin sensitivities or allergies.

Broad-Spectrum SPF 50: 🔒 Lock in high-level protection with broad-spectrum SPF 50. Ensure your kids are safeguarded against the strongest UVA and UVB rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and long-term skin damage.

Specification Details
Banana Boat Kids Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 – Broad-spectrum, waterproof formula
Tear-Free Formula – Gentle mist application for easy and tear-free use
Stays On in 7 Conditions – Resilient sunscreen that withstands sun, water, wind, sweat, and extreme temperatures
Recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation – Trusted sun protection endorsed by skin health experts
25% Fewer Ingredients – Formulated without oxybenzone, parabens, and added oils and fragrances
Convenient Pack of 24 – TSA-approved, travel-sized 1-ounce bottles
Safe for Sensitive Skin – Suitable for children with sensitive skin, allergies, or skin sensitivities


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